Indigo dyed Japanese paper Indigo dyed Japanese paper

Awa Washi,
Dyed with indigo.




Aboutーindigo-dyed washiー

  • 阿波和紙と藍染

    Awa Washi※1 and indigo-dyed

    Washi have been handed down from generation to generation in Tokushima.
    Awagami Factory, with its unique ideas and techniques, is making various attempts to develop the technology and stabilize the quality of Awa Washi and indigo-dyed Washi.

  • 藍染師

    Dyeing artist

    Mieko Fujimori, a dyeing artist, creates indigo-dyed washi using various types of Awa Washi papers.
    Aizome(indigo-dyed) washi is a material that is more beautiful, faster, and more sought-after by the times.
    While inheriting traditional techniques, she is challenging new possibilities.

※1 Traditional Crafts: Awa Washi: Apart from general terms such as "traditional crafts," the term "traditional crafts" was defined in the Law Concerning the Promotion of Traditional Craft Industries (Densen-San Law). The term "traditional" means "crafts in which the main parts of the raw materials, techniques, and skills that characterize the craft have been handed down to the present day, and furthermore, while maintaining these characteristics, improvements have been made to adapt them to the industrial environment, and products have been made to meet the demands of the times.
Conditions for receiving the designation of Traditional Crafts (see traditional-crafts/)

WorksーProduction exampleー

Introducing some production examples.

List of production results
  • 由布岳と朝霧 由布岳と朝霧

    "Yufudake and morning mist" (Ryofuso Yufuin Yamadaya)
    Indigo-dyed original Japanese paper

  • 由布岳と朝霧 由布岳と朝霧

    Light wall made of indigo-dyed Japanese paper “Blur-dyed sea pattern”

  • 由布岳と朝霧 由布岳と朝霧

    Light wall of indigo-dyed Japanese paper "Bokashi-dyed bamboo pattern"

  • 由布岳と朝霧 由布岳と朝霧

    Light wall of indigo-dyed Japanese paper
    "Special handmade paper Naruto whirlpool pattern"


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